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Welcome to Awantika Biodiesel

About Us

“Go Green""" is our motto and with this, we aim to work for the betterment of our environment. Awantika Biodiesel Company in MP aims at fulfilling this motto which is a step towards a better tomorrow. Awantika Biodiesel Manufacturer in MP is amongst the top biofuel producer and to a supplier of supreme quality biodiesel in central India. We are one of the pioneers in the industry of biodiesel who have set an era in the area of green energy. Spread all across the country, we have been a loyal and trustworthy service provider for many generations. Our large Biodiesel Pump Network enables us to fulfill the ever-increasing energy demand of thousands of vehicles in India.

Our Features

Large Biodiesel Network

With large biodiesel pumps, we are spread all across the country to satisfy the needs of our thousands of clients.

Premium Quality Biodiesel

Extracted from several oils and non-fossil sources, our Ignizel is ready to meet the standards of all your vehicles. All our established pumps assure supreme quality biodiesel.

On-Time Delivery

Our Biodiesel pumps are open 24*7 and are always one step ahead in taking care of your vehicle. Plus, we are never a minute late for the ones who want to undertake our services.


Awantika Biodiesel is renowned for its innovative mind. With our creation of Ignizel, we aim to expand our biodiesel pumps to meet the needs of our customers and clients.

Robust Infrastructure

Our services are unbeatable. We endeavour the construction of biodiesel pumps which guarantees to stand firm for many centuries.

Marketing Consultancy

To make the most of your land, our experts from marketing can lead you in the right path of establishing your business.

Ignizel - Ultra Premium Biodiesel

Our Biodiesel Pump in MP offers supreme quality Ignizel which is made out of non-fossil sources. It is our ultra-premium biodiesel which has been flawlessly developed over the years in our world-class laboratories and is produced using advanced technology. Blended with top-notch elements, the Ignizel assures to enhance the performance of all vehicles.

Why Choose Ignizel


Enriched with various green elements, Ignizel has been proved to provide superior lubrication to the heart of your vehicle, the engine, thereby fueling its potential.

BS-IV Complied

Ignizel, with its attainment of BS-IV compliant, has shown beyond doubts that it is environmentally friendly. With almost no emission of harmful gas, Ignizel is a step towards decreasing global warming.


Although the process of biodiesel includes several procedures, being made out of non-fossil sources, it is much cheaper than diesel or petrol. Hence, with pocket-friendly pricing, it is the best you can give to your vehicle.

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