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Frequently Asked Questions

Will biodiesel make any alteration to the performance of my vehicle?

If anything, our biodiesel, Ignizel, will simply enhance the operation of your vehicle by offering it with more power and will increase its mileage..

If I change to biodiesel, will my vehicle require any modification?

No, biodiesel can be used on your vehicle with no modification or special fueling equipment..

How is Ignizel different from diesel and petrol.

Our product Ignizel is a form of biodiesel which has been extracted from various non-fossil sources, unlike diesel and petrol that are fossil fuels. .

Being a client, how can I take my services from you?

If you want to open a biodiesel pump, just contact us at info@awantikabiodiesel.com and our team will immediately get back to you and start working on your project. .

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