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Blended with top-notch elements, the Ignizel assures to enhance the performance of all vehicles.


Ignizel has been created by extracting all the impurities and unwanted elements from the biodiesel itself. Hence, its concentrated elements are simply unbeatable.

More Power

Ignizel assures to strengthen the operation of any vehicle by providing it with the necessary supplements.

More Mileage

Ignizel, our pure version of biodiesel, has been tested and proven to increase the mileage and performance of all automobile.


Ignizel is approved by all domestic and foreign automobiles manufacturers.

Ignizel qualifies as B100 Biodiesel category as per national policy on biofuels, 2018 Government of India and can be used in any proportion without any blending compulsion on any and all diesel engine without any engine modifications.

Dominance Of Ignizel


The Ignizel has undergone various processes which in turn has made it refined by removing all the unwanted elements.

High Cetane Number

Our Biodiesel, extracted from various oils, is assured to provide you with high cetane number which will enhance your vehicle’s ignition properties.

Healthy Engine:

An engine is the heart of your vehicle. Hence, fuel it with our supreme quality biodiesel, Ignizel, to keep it running.

Low Carbon and Nox Emission

Say no to air pollution by opting for Ignizel. Powered with green energy, our biodiesel produces no harmful emissions, thereby saving the environment.

More Power and Mileage

Enriched with high Cetane number, our Ignizel assures to escalate your vehicle’s performance by fueling it with more power and increasing its mileage.


Ignizel is a pocket as well as an environmentally friendly option. Unlike petrol and diesel, this biodiesel will save your vehicle and pumps from many extra charges.